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Unhealthy Mechanisms Tour 2024


with Bodybox

February 29

6:30 pm

$25 ADV / $28 DOS

Doors at 7PM

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MECHANISMS is the caustic sophomore album from Arizona death-crusters GO
AHEAD AND DIE. A torrential whirlwind born from the livid minds of Igor Amadeus Cavalera
installment to the band’s dystopian catalog is a fresh dive into the madness of society and
the pollution that ravages our minds. From the first note there is a sense of unhinged
insanity; a grim rhythm that takes listeners down sinister alleyways and across ravaged
Igor and Max supply crunching, frenetic guitar riffs and ear-splitting dive bombs in the
no-holds-barred “F*** you” fashion of the Cavalera family. Igor states, “I played my guitar
directly in front of the amp with the gain turned high, trying to get feedback everywhere I
could. I really wanted it to feel like a live recording, so I played like I would in a crowded bar
room, loud and in your face.” The high-energy presence is palpable as both father and son rip
through riffs like a brick through a window.
“This album is about mental health, and specifically the decline of it. You can hear the passion
in our voices. Max and I did all the vocals in as minimal takes as possible to keep that

authentic aggression alive and well. There’s things in this world that make me sick, that make
my head sick. This was my way of letting it be heard.” The duo brings forth a vast well of
emotions with their growling and shrieking, spitting words like venom with an underlying
sense of connection amidst catchiness. Venturing into topics such as depression, anger,
numbness, suicide, and violence, they capture the bleak reality of the world with poetic yet
savage justice.
Layers of guitar riffs, screams, and distorted bass-lines are supported by the fierce drumming
of Johnny Valles (BLACK BRAID, HEALING MAGIC) who smashes, blasts, and D-Beats his way
through song after song with the power of a bulldozer. To retain that ‘live-show’ sound, the
drums were recorded in full sessions without any type of metronome or triggering. Johnny’s
drumming received Max’s very own stamp of approval, the metal icon commented, “Johnny
was a great guy to drum on this record. He has a bad-a** death metal style that fit perfectly
with this band. He can blast and he can shred fast stuff, but he also beat the sh*t out of the
drums when I asked him to. We put him to the test and he passed.”

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