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Willie Waldman Project

Lee Leonard / Koonda Holaa / Terry Saffold / Adam Langdon

April 18

9:00 pm

$12 ADV / $15 DOS

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Willie Waldman is bringing his world famous project to Omaha, NE on April 18th 2020. He will be joined by Koonda Holaa, Terry Saffold, Lee Leonard, and Adam Langdon for a night of improvisational music.
Koonda Holaa will open the night with a set of electronic loops and guitar madness. Followed by local super group Omaha Beat Brigade, then the Willie Waldman Project.
Willie Waldman:
The name might not strike an immediate chord but Willie Waldman is one you’ll find in the liner notes of great artists and groups such as Banyan, Rob Wasserman, Perry Farrell and the late Tupac Shakur. While the list goes on, there’s much more to this trumpet players credit than simply recording as a sideman on many of today’s contemporary artists albums.
Willie Waldman was born July 5th, in Santa Ana, California, summer of 1965. A childhood fascination with the trumpet led Willie Waldman to his high school band and eventually to a scholarship at Memphis State University. While in Memphis, he began playing in Beale St. clubs and eventually hooked up with Herman Green, Calvin Newborn, and Jimmie Ellis at Club Hardy. Green became somewhat of a mentor to the young Waldman, who would eventually become a member of Herman Green & the Green Machine. That band eventually morphed into Freeworld, which was a fusion band that met with some commercial success and toured with Stevie Ray Vaughn, the Robert Cray Band, Albert King, and Joe Cocker.
In 1994, Waldman decided to relocate to California. A friend, David Aron, was working as an engineer at Death Row Studios and helped Waldman get his first rap gig, playing on a track from a Snoop Doggy Dog album. That job led to several others, and as a result, Waldman’s trumpet can be heard on albums by Warren G., Sublime, Tupac Shakur, Jodeci, Salt & Pepa, and the Eastsidaz. He also was hired to do session work for several soundtracks, including Tombstone, Under Siege 2, and 101 Dalmations. He also got a job playing in Vonda Shephard’s band on the television series Ally McBeal. In 1997, Waldman met Perry Farrell and performed on two of his albums. Those projects helped him to come in contact with Stephen Perkins and Bob Wasserman, both of whom used Waldman as a studio musician on their recordings.
When it came time to record his own debut album, however, Waldman went in an entirely different direction — into jazz. His album, Trumpet Ride, which was issued by Rhombus Records in 2001, incorporates some Latin and fusion elements, but radiates outward from a core of pure, small-group jazz music.
Koonda Holaa:
It’s a brain child of Kamilsky, born in the late 60’s in Teplice,
Czech Republic in what would later be singled out as of one of the most polluted places in Europe. He walked attached to a microphone, through his grandma’s attic straight into a music school at the age of 5 to come out seven years later as an over trained folk singer. In 1984 he went electric and worked his way thru local bands before landing a guitar/singer post in the F.P.B. in 1986, then and now one of the most original and infamous punk rock underground bands the Czech music scene produced in the 80’s.
Kamilsky landed in Munich in 1990 after two years imprisonment by the now expired communist government and started Pseudo Pseudo (drums and bass guitar duo) with Milan Novy as a drummer. Pseudo Pseudo is now a distant echo from the past for today’s, two man band legions (Lightning Bolt, Vialka, usaisamonster, etc) but nevertheless their recording “Boucher Voyager” timeless originality remain unchallenged. . .
At the end of this chapter in September 1992, Milan Novy chose immigration to Canada as his priority and Kamilsky set his sights and assets on the United States. There he opened his first Track Brack recording studio in Los Angeles- Echo Park location, played with Exene Cervenka of the ‘X’ and formed a larger orchestra to accompany him in San Francisco to record the second Pseudo Pseudo release “In Winter Go South”. In 1995 He was hired to play with the Residents for their 20 sold out shows in Prague which forced him to move back home where he also played bass and toured with Uz jsme doma, another band from his hometown to make a pass on to the world stage. He was home only for two years before he in 1997 moved back to the States to recuperate at the church of JOE -his psychotropic spiritual advisor in Laguna Beach and before moving to Orlando, Fl. home to a freshly purchased Track Brack recording studio.
This is where “Cocky Cuties” came to fruition and Koonda Holaa and the Beetchees, which in its original incarnation included 7 or so musicians and helped, solidify the Orlando experimental scene became his new vehicle. Next year he pairs up with drummer Randy Scarbery for some memorable touring in the States. And in 1999 moved to Athens GA. Here he puts together an all Czech version of Koonda Holaa and for the next 16 months of relentless touring and shameless credit card debt, he met and collaborates with the new blood; projects with Radon collective, Steve Mackay, Hutch Hutchinson and Dave Catching at the Rancho, usaisamonster, bastard noise and amps for christ remain the most memorable ones. The latest release “Sad and Sobbing Songs of Jameel abdul KebabÓ is a gem dug out in the San Bernardino mountains -new home of Track Brack recording studio. Almost entirely recorded off grid and assisted by Henry Barnes and his amazing collection of self made instruments. Kamilsky no longer wears his electronics as his coat – it’s all a clean, crisp affair, but the humor and unusual sound remains constant in this album of mystical western balladering. The new band consists of Chante Brown from Philadelphia’s heavy metal band Roullete and the French half of Sikhara, Yaan Geffraud. Live shows will be presented with projections of movies made with or by Kamilsky and other work from his favorite VJ’s and directors.
Omaha Beat Brigade:
Omaha Beat Brigade is an Omaha super group comprised of members of Satchel Grande, Funk Trek, Polydypsia, Confidentials, and more. An ever rotating cast of 10-15 characters, this full frontal afro beat band will knock your socks off! Tight horns blasting over smooth grooves with some rippin guitar make for an unforgettable experience. Omaha Beat Brigade is Mark Hinrichs (Drums), Adam Langdon (Percussion), Michael Pujado (Percussion), Andrew Malashock (Guitar), Tim Kasl (Bass), Jim Hoke (Keys), James Cuato (Sax), Willie Karpf (Baritone Sax), Jason Johnson (Trumpet), Blake DeForest (Trumpet), Caleb Collins (Sax), and sometimes more depending on availability!
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